Do you believe in the Tooth Fairy?

Do you believe in the Tooth Fairy? Well, maybe the question should be asked like this, “Does your family tuck baby teeth under a pillow and replace them with gifts of money?” Yeah. That’s it. So, do you?


A Few Details About the Tooth Fairy


Wikipedia tells us that the Tooth Fairy is a fantasy figure of early childhood. And various countries practice leaving a tooth under a pillow for this magical sprite to collect and leave payment for while a child is sleeping.

In 1984, Rosemary Wells conducted a study on this fantasy figure. It revealed the following:

  • 74 percent of those surveyed believe the Tooth Fairy to be female
  • 12 percent believe she is neither male nor female
  • 8 percent believe she could be either male or female

Some believe they look similar to Tinkerbell with wings and a wand, but a little older than Tinkerbell

There are others who think they look like a:

  • Bunny rabbit
  • Mouse
  • Child with wings
  • Pixie
  • Dragon
  • Blue mother-figure
  • Flying ballerina
  • Two little old men
  • Dental hygienist
  • Potbellied flying man smoking a cigar
  • Bat
  • Bear
  • And even others, believe it or not


How Much Money Do Kids Find Under Their Pillows?


Again Wikipedia tells us that a “2013 survey by Visa Inc. found that American children receive $3.70 per tooth on average. According to the same survey, only 3% of children find a dollar or less and 8% find a five-dollar bill or more under their pillow.”

Wow! That’s a far cry from what was left under my pillow back in the day! Think ten cents when I was little or a quarter when I had lost a molar. And a dollar bill was unthinkable!


Tooth Fairy

Image source: sheknows.com

Fun Ways to Practice This Tradition


Here are 5 inexpensive ways to collect those baby teeth and help your kids learn more about taking care of their teeth, too.


1. Leave a receipt for your child’s tooth

To leave a receipt under your child’s pillow, you can either buy a pad and write down their name, the date, and a description of the tooth or download this pdf version. Encourage good care of their teeth with a note. Write something like: “I can see you are brushing two times every day. Good for you! Keep brushing!”


2. Create or choose a tooth fairy dish 

Help your child choose or create a special dish to hold a tooth they lose. This is a great alternative to the usual under-the-pillow method of collection. And it makes access to the tooth much easier for you.


3. Record visits in a keepsake book

A blank notebook can turn into a special journal or diary. Have fun decorating it with your child’s name and other details they want the Tooth Fairy to know about them and their tooth. They can write a note before they go to bed. Then when you collect the tooth and leave your gift, write down the date and a note in the notebook.


4. Encourage healthy dental habits with a brushing calendar

Since the Tooth Fairy’s visit is a great time to encourage healthy dental habits, leave them a laminated brushing calendar with your gift. Buy some colorful dry-erase markers so that they can record each time they brush, floss, or visit our dental office. 


5. Record “Smilestones” in a scrapbook

Your child’s smile changes as their baby teeth fall out and are replaced with their grownup teeth. Take pictures of their smiles each time they lose a tooth. Then record each “smilestone” with tooth event details on a page in their Smilestone Scrapbook. Your child will have fun decorating their scrapbook, and you’ll both enjoy looking back at the changes teeth make in the smiles.


Projects for Tooth Fairy Day


And for those who are crafty, click here for eight more fun DIY projects to honor this fun fairy with on their very own day. From felt drawstring tooth pouches to shopping resource links, you and your kids will have lots of fun creating together.

Do you honor the Tooth Fairy tradition in your home? It’s a great opportunity to encourage good dental hygiene habits in your kids. Have fun with it and help your kids want to take good care of their teeth now for a healthy mouth later. Bring in your projects to share with us on your child’s next routine visit. We’d like to see them!

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