Best dental care

The best dental assistants provide the best dental care with empathy, understanding, and kindness.

The Davis Dental team is comprised of your family dentist, our dental assistants, and our dental hygienists. Together we give you the best dental care.

In honor of Dental Assistants Recognition Week, let’s focus on the important part our dental assistants play in caring for your dental needs.


Dental Assistants are at the Heart of Your Best Dental Care


Our dental assistants are so much more than “just assistants.” They are the constants of oral health care who play a crucial part in the quality of service we provide. Without them, our best care for you just isn’t possible.

Their empathy, understanding, and kindness are qualities that make them invaluable not only to us but to our patients as well.


What Does a Great Dental Assistant Bring to a Team?


Research shows that dental assistants are valuable members of the dental team. As dentists, we cannot practice without them. They are the glue that holds our team together! Their excellence shown in the following areas makes them invaluable to our dental practice:

  • Practice productivity – they move the dentist on to the next patient quickly
  • Procedure preparation – they set up and tear down treatment areas
  • Complex task completion – depending on their amount of advanced training, they perform complex tasks that would otherwise prevent the dentists from seeing other patients


What Does a Great Dental Assistant Bring to You as a Patient?


Skilled dental assistants are great at multitasking. In addition to what they do for the dentist, they also provide the following to you as a patient:

  • Procedure clarity – they provide clear explanations of dental procedures
  • Patient care – they comfort and reassure those who may be nervous or anxious


Good, Better, Best: How was Your Care?Dental assistants


The best dental assistants offer comfort and education about the procedures or treatments you are having done. And they make you feel human, like you matter. They understand that you may be feeling anxious about just being in the dentist’s chair. And they don’t hold that against you!

Research supports that dental assistants who work with heart contribute to patient retention.

How about you? Join us in extending a “thank you” to our dental assistants for their service in providing the best dental care. Let’s thank them for all of the training, attention to detail, and sheer dedication it takes to make the best dental care possible.

Do you have a story to share? We’d love to hear about the care you received from our dental assistants.

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