Can smiling affect your health and those you are around in a positive way? The answer to that question is a positive YES! Your smile is one of the most valuable assets you possess. And you come by it naturally, too. Babies are born with the ability to smile. And with all that is happening around us in our world today, your valuable asset is greatly needed.


Can smiling affect your mental health

Can smiling affect your mental health positively? Oh yeah!

A Few Fun Facts About Smiling


  • Children smile up to 400 times a day
  • Adults smile only about twenty times per day
  • It takes around fifty muscles to make a frown, but only about thirteen to smile
  • Smiling is universal and the most recognized facial expression
  • Smiles are contagious
  • A genuine smile is considered attractive


Smiling is a Conscious and Powerful Choice


Smiling is more than a simple involuntary response to things that bring you joy or laughter. And it can be just as much voluntary as it is involuntary.

Can smiling affect your mental health positively? Well, there are countless scientific studies confirming you can.

Look at what some studies have shown about smiling:

  • Smiling elevates your mood as well as the mood of those around you
  • There is a strong link between good health, longevity, and smiling
  • Just the act of smiling offers short- and long-term benefits to your health and wellbeing

When you feel less than confident about your teeth and smile, you might hide behind your hands or choose to not smile at all. And this choice, dear client, negatively impacts your mental health.


Smile for the Health of It


How can smiling affect your mental health in a positive way?

Every time you choose to smile, your brain feels happy. And your emotional state improves. Yes, every time. Why? Because smiling releases dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin into your bloodstream. When these hormones are released, your body relaxes, lowers your heart rate, and lowers your blood pressure. Smiling facilitates stress recovery!

Serotonin reduces stress. Dopamine increases the feeling of happiness. Low levels of these hormones in your body can lead to depression and aggression.

So smile! Trick your brain into believing you’re happy and encourage feelings of happiness.


10 Reasons to Smile Every Day


Facilitate stress recovery and smile, smile, smile every day!

Smiling …

1. Makes You Attractive

2. Relieves Stress

3. Elevates Your Mood

4. Makes You Feel Good

5. Boosts Your Immune System

6. Lowers Your Blood Pressure

7. Is Contagious

8. Makes You Look Younger

9. Keeps You in a Positive State

10. Makes You Appear More Confident


Can Smiling Affect Your Mental Health in a Positive Way?


I’m sure you agree by now that the answer to this question is “YES!” But just in case you’re not completely convinced, do this.

Smile. Now, try to keep that smile while thinking of something really negative. Could you do it?

Smiling feels better than frowning, and it plays a huge part in our social interactions. So turn that frown upside down. Make people feel good, offer comfort, and reduce stress, too.

Stay away from depression, stress, and worry. Smile.

At Davis Dental, we believe a healthy smile is beautiful. Take great care of your unique-to-you smile and share it often. It will make a positive difference in your life and in the lives of those you’re around. And don’t we need that today?

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