Oral health

Good oral health plays a vital part in your overall health. Practice good oral hygiene daily and visit your dentist regularly for checkups.

So how are you? No, really, all of us here at Davis Dental want to know. Research shows there is a relationship between oral health and your overall health. Have you been diagnosed with diabetes, pneumonia, or high blood pressure since your last checkup six months ago? This is information worth sharing with our dental staff. It’s possible that gum disease could be linked to heart disease (read what “5 Things to Do Daily to Keep Your Heart Healthy” has to say about your heart health and its relationship to good oral hygiene), stroke, premature and low-birth-weight babies, for example. Your oral health plays a vital part in your overall health.


4 Steps, and Then Some, to Follow for Good Oral Health

First, follow these 4 steps to improve your overall health:


  1. Visit us regularly. We think it’s best to see our patients every six months, at the very least, once a year. Sometimes care of your teeth and gums requires more frequent visits though. We’ll recommend how often you should visit our office based on your specific oral health needs.
  2. Brush twice a day and floss daily
  3. Eat a well-balanced diet
  4. Avoid using all tobacco products

Then, incorporate the following suggestions for even more improvement:


  • Limit the number of times a day you eat desserts, carbohydrates, or drink sugar-laden beverages
  • Avoid sugary treats like hard candy and lollipops that linger in the mouth for a long time
  • Stay away from soft, sticky sweets such as caramels or taffy because they stick to your teeth
  • Eat desserts or sweets after a meal while there is a lot of saliva in your mouth to wash away sugars
  • When you drink milk and juice, drink them during your meal or at the end of a meal
  • Drink only water between meals
  • Eat vegetables, cheeses, nuts or seeds for snacks


Since research shows there really is a relationship between the health of your mouth and your overall health, it makes sense to practice good oral hygiene every single day. It also makes good sense to visit Davis Dental routinely.

We care about you and your oral health. And we’re trained to identify and take care of everything related to the health of your teeth and gums. Got questions? Ask us how good oral health and your overall health are connected. Call Davis Dental at (307) 634-3488 to schedule your routine dental cleaning today!

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