Implant Placement and Restoration

Missing teeth matter. They severely impact your appearance and the overall function of your mouth. That’s why it’s so important to replace them, and without delay. Dental implants revitalize your mouth, restore your ability to eat and speak normally, and help you maintain better oral hygiene. At Davis Dental we fill in the gaps created by missing teeth with strong, durable, and natural-looking dental implants. We restore the integrity and structure of your teeth and give you a reason to smile again.

How Do Dental Implants Work?

Dental implants are 3-part appliances. They consist of the titanium “root,” the abutment, and the crown. We place the titanium implant in the gap created by a missing tooth first so the bone can heal around it. Titanium and bone actually fuse together in a process called osseointegration, meaning the implant fuses to the jawbone during healing. This creates an extremely strong bond.

When the healing process is complete, we place the abutment on the implant which holds the porcelain crown. Your new tooth looks and acts just like your natural teeth. You can brush, floss, and eat just like you normally would.

Don’t Wait to Replace a Tooth Gone Missing

Even if you can’t see where a tooth has gone missing, the gap created needs attention pronto! Don’t wait to get it replaced with a dental implant. Missing teeth lead to other problems. When the structure of your teeth is compromised it leads to infections, bone loss, and the shifting of the surrounding teeth. Even small changes in your facial structure can occur.

Have any of your teeth gone missing? Contact us at Davis Dental right away. Call (307) 634-3488 for a consultation about dental implants. Because replacing your missing teeth with dental implants matters. Restore the integrity of your teeth and protect your overall dental health.