All creatures need good dentists

All creatures need good dentists because all creatures have teeth. We all need regular dental care!

What do rabbits, rodents, dogs, cats, otters, jaguars, and polar bears all have in common? Yes, they are all creatures, and yes, they all have teeth. And just like you, great and small, all creatures need good dentists for a healthy smile.

All Creatures Need Good Dentists

Wild animals have dental problems, too. And they have them on a regular basis. Studies done on the skulls of 100-year-old African Wild Dogs showed that dental problems that happen in our pet dogs and cats also occurred in the Wild Dogs. And their dental problems were similar in numbers and types to our pets.

Oral health is important to total body health in animals as much as it is to us. Dirty teeth, swollen gums, mouth infections, and other oral problems happen in wild animals’ mouths regularly. And unhealthy mouths lead to heart disease, kidney disease, pain, and other complications for pets, zoo animals, and wildlife. But wild animals can’t visit their dental hygienist for regular cleanings and checkups. And this is why animals in the wild don’t typically live very long lives.

There are special dentists called Veterinary Dentists who treat dental disease and injuries in wild animals. They take care of animals in wildlife rescues, sanctuaries, and zoos.

Zoo dentists use the same equipment and anesthesia on wild animals as Dr. Davis does on you. They perform root canals, oral surgeries, restorations, orthodontia, and whatever needs to be done on zoo animals. And the wild animals that receive proper dental care get to live happier and healthier lives than those that don’t. Aren’t the zoo animals lucky?

February is Pet Dental Health Month

Most of us don’t own a wild animal, but we do own dogs and cats. And dental disease is pretty common in our pets. To keep our pets healthy and happy, we should have our pets’ teeth cleaned once every year. What happens when dental disease in your dog’s or cat’s mouth goes untreated?

  • Infection develops and causes pain
  • They lose teeth or have to have teeth pulled
  • Major body organs get infected
  • Their quality of life isn’t very good any longer

All creatures need good dentists in order to live happy, healthy lives, just like you. They need regular dental care and checkups, just like you. Did you get your pet’s teeth cleaned in the last year? How about you? Have you been in to visit Dr. Davis for your annual checkup? Call Davis Dental at (307) 634-3488 to schedule a dental cleaning today. And take care of your animal’s teeth, too.

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