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Don’t forget to put “Schedule dental check ups” on your back-to-school to-do list. Call Davis Dental before this school year starts.

Summertime flies, and it flies by fast. It feels like the kids are out of school for a month, and we’re back to planning life around another school year. Back-to-school sales have already hit the stores and shopping for school supplies has been added to your to-do list. Do you have back-to-school dental check ups on that to-do list?

Why are Back-to-School Dental Check Ups Important?

Back-to-school dental checkups help you avoid unnecessary trips to the dentist during the school year. On average, 22 percent of school-aged children get cavities that go untreated, and more than one million school days each year are lost due to tooth pain.

Schedule Dental Check Ups Every 6 Months At Least

You should schedule dental check ups for your child every six months starting from their first birthday. Because everyone has different needs when it comes to oral hygiene, you may need to schedule dental check ups for your child more often than every six months. Some children should be seen by our Davis Dental staff more often because of what they eat and how well they take care of (or don’t take care of) their teeth. Spotting cavities early on is best, and regular dental check ups are the only way to do that. Call our office and find out from Dr. Davis what the best schedule for routine dental check ups for your children will be and stick to it!

What You Can Do to Improve Your Children’s Dental Health

This daily to-do list gives you a few things you as a parent can do to improve your child’s dental health:

  • Help them brush their teeth twice a day
  • Regulate a number of sugars and carbs they eat (candy, soda and juices, even bread and potatoes, which convert into sugar when eaten)
  • Encourage them to drink water and lots of it
  • Teach them about the importance of good oral hygiene (Ask us for tips! We’ve got lots)

And check the shade of your child’s teeth every two weeks or so. Poorly brushed teeth turn yellow. Look for holes or spots on their teeth, too. Any hole in a tooth whether it is brown or yellow in color should be examined by Dr. Davis promptly.

Start this school year off right. The first day of the 2017-18 LDSD1 school year is August 29, 2017. Call Davis Dental at (307) 634-3488 to schedule your back-to-school dental check ups today. And when you’re in, be sure to ask Dr. Davis or our Davis Dental Staff for more information on proper oral health care for your kids.

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