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Find a dentist who will care for your whole family’s dental needs, from young children to adult.

Families today are busy with a variety of activities. Sports practice, dance recitals, music lessons, and school activities to get to daily and weekly. With so many different things going on regularly, it can be difficult to remember routine appointments, important ones like dental appointments. With so much to do and remember to do, multiple dentist visits would just add to the mayhem. But since each member of your family has their own unique dental needs, it’s imperative you find and schedule routine cleanings with a dentist who can best care for your whole family’s dental needs.

A good family dentist whom you can trust to care for your family’s dental needs is important. If you don’t trust your dentist to take great care of your family’s dental needs, you won’t make routine dental check-up appointments and then keep them. So, if you haven’t found a dentist whom you trust, these tips will help you determine what is important to you and find a dentist you can entrust with the care for your family’s dental needs.

Your Family’s Dental Needs for Your Young Children

Young children have very different needs from adults and teenagers. Because grow at such a fast rate, their oral health needs can change on a whim. It’s important to find a dentist who can also take care of your young children’s ever-changing mouths. Find a dentist who is aware of the following:

  • Cavity Prevention – A child’s diet makes them extra susceptible to cavities and decay. A great family dentist will be aware of this and take extra measures to help them prevent cavities.
  • Tooth Growth and Changes – Since your child’s teeth are constantly growing and shifting, your family dentist should be informed of any problems before they happen. And a good family dentist uses modern technology to help them find problems before they happen.
  • Kid-Friendly in the Office – Dentist’s offices can be intimidating to small children. Find a dentist who offers a warm and kid-friendly environment. A welcoming environment can be life-changing for your kids, as they will form good memories of their dentist’s office instead of fearful ones.

Your Family’s Dental Needs for Your Teenagers

If you have teenagers, you have a whole different set of concerns to worry about when it comes to their teeth. Now that all of their adult teeth have grown in, your teens are probably concerned about how they look. Social standing is most likely at the top of your teenager’s priorities, and a good dentist can help them feel comfortable about the way their teeth look. When it comes to caring for teenagers’ dental needs, your family dentist:

  • Watches for the Need for Orthodontics and Braces – If your teenagers are uncomfortable with the way their teeth look, sometimes an orthodontic solution is needed. A good family dentist identifies bite problems and your teen’s overall dental appearance. Traditional braces and Invisalign treatments might be just the thing for your teenager’s dental concerns.
  • Teaches Safe Practices – As teenagers grow, the dangers of damage to their teeth also grows. A good family dentist knows of the dangers of tobacco use, oral piercings, and injuries caused by sports activities that damage your teen’s teeth. And they know how to talk to your teenagers about these dangers and help them avoid them altogether.
  • Encourages Good Lifelong Habits – Teenagers want to be able to make their own decisions. Most of the time, teen’s understand the importance of good oral health and should be forming lifelong habits for healthy teeth and gums. Your family dentist should help them with this transition to independent, responsible oral care.

Your Dental Needs as Adults

As adults, we have a diverse range of concerns and problems when it comes to our oral health. Issues like gum disease, exposed roots, receding gum lines, tooth loss, root canals, and oral cancer are more for us as adults to worry about. While it’s important to consider the needs of your kids, your oral care matters, too.

The best dentist is one who takes great care of the needs of your young children, your teenagers, and you – your whole family’s dental needs. Your family’s dental health depends a lot on finding a great dentist with a great staff. Call Davis Dental at (307) 634-3488 and find out how well we care for our patients’ dental needs.

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