Root canal procedure

Dealing with a severely troublesome toothache? You may be in need of a root canal procedure.

Ask anyone what they think the most painful dental procedure is, and they’ll probably say, “A root canal procedure.” Many believe that a root canal procedure is a result of not taking care of your teeth like you should have been. However, it’s not about causing pain. It’s about relieving pain and saving your natural tooth.

Why is a Root Canal Necessary?

Toothaches are painful and distracting, but not every ache requires a root canal procedure.

The following are all good indicators that you are dealing with more than a common toothache.

  • A tooth becoming dark and discolored
  • Severe pain while chewing
  • Extreme sensitivity to hot and cold
  • Swelling or tenderness in the soft tissues around the teeth
  • Persistent and recurring pimples in the gums

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A root canal procedure becomes necessary to save a tooth that is severely decayed or infected. When the infection or severe decay reaches the nerve or damaged pulp of a tooth, severe pain ensues! It’s important to quickly address the problem to stop the pain.

The cause for infection or inflammation could be attributed to a number of things – a chipped or cracked tooth, a faulty crown, repeated work on the same tooth.

What Happens During a Root Canal Procedure?

Root canals start with an X-ray. The X-ray shows the condition of the canal and signs of infection around the roots or bone.

Anesthetic is administered to minimize discomfort.

An access hole is drilled in the tooth to reach and remove the pulp, bacteria, and decayed nerve.The troubled area is completely cleaned out with a series of files, and then seal it all

The troubled area is completely cleaned out with a series of files and then sealed.

Visit the American Association of Endodontists for more on what root canal treatment entails here.

Don’t Fear the Root Canal Procedure

After a root canal, most patients report that it is no more painful than having a cavity filled. That’s a relief!

Remember, it’s not the procedure that causes the pain. It’s the inflammation and the infection that causes the pain, and it’s important to address the cause as soon as possible. A root canal, when necessary, relieves pain and saves the natural tooth.

Are you experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above? If so, don’t put up with it any longer. Give Davis Dental a call today at (307) 634-3488. Don’t let fear of the root canal procedure stop you from getting the treatment you need and saving your valuable natural tooth.