Effects of sugar

Lessen the effects of sugar on your kids’ tooth enamel this Easter with this plan.

“Here comes Peter Cottontail hoppin’ down the bunny trail, hippity hoppin’, Easter’s on its way!”

Yes, there is no way of hopping around it. Easter without the Easter Bunny, Easter eggs and Easter baskets … no child would hear of such a thing. Holidays and sugar go hand-in-hand. That’s how most of us celebrate special days and events.

Now, we’re not suggesting you fill the kids’ Easter baskets with fresh fruit on Sunday, March 27th. Let’s get real! Every girl and boy will be expecting baskets full of Easter joy. This includes chocolate bunnies, Peeps and jelly beans respectively. Replacing Easter candy with fruit in their Easter baskets from Peter Cottontail could ruin the holiday with extreme disappointment.

May we suggest 4 ways to lessen the effects of all that sugar on their tooth enamel instead?

You can lessen the effects of sugar, and here’s how:

  1. Fill their baskets with chocolate versus chewy, sticky candies. Chocolate won’t hang around on your kids’ teeth as long as Peeps, jelly beans and Swedish fish will.
  2. Keep lots of water at hand. Drinking water is great for our overall health, and it will help rinse away the sugar in the candy.
  3. Serve the Easter treats after a lunch or dinner meal. Saliva already in your kids’ mouths from their meal will begin fighting the acid the Easter treats will start forming.
  4. Put a new toothbrush from Dr. Davis in each basket to show them how much Davis Dental cares about their teeth. We really do care about your teeth!

Enjoy the holiday with your kids, but lessen the effects of sugar on their teeth this Easter. Keep their teeth and gums healthy with our suggested plan, and schedule your checkups with Davis Dental today. Call (307) 634-3488.

Hippity Hoppity, Happy Easter Day from Davis Dental!